New York Public Radio gratefully acknowledges the many donors whose generosity has supported our award-winning news, cultural programming and music.  Here, we are proud to acknowledge the individuals, institutions, foundations and Listeners Legacy Circle members that supported WNYC, WQXR, The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, New Jersey Public Radio and all of the programming and work produced by New York Public Radio entities last year.  We also thank each and every one of our 178,000+ members for their outstanding generosity.



Carson Family Charitable Trust

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The Jerome L. Greene Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Kaplen Brothers Fund

National Science Foundation

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


$250,000 – $999,999

Steffi and Robert Berne

Joyce B. Cowin

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Bethany and Robert B. Millard

National Endowment for the Humanities

Charles H. Revson Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation

Susan and Peter Solomon

Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly

Elizabeth and Mayo Stuntz

Nicki and Harold Tanner

The Thompson Family Foundation, Inc.

Wilma S. Tisch
The Tow Foundation
Lee and Cynthia King Vance
Elaine and Alan G. Weiler
Wyncote Foundation


$100,000 – $249,999

BBC America

Judith-Ann Corrente

Barry Diller, Diller-Von Furstenberg Foundation

The Booth Ferris Foundation

FJC, A Foundation of Donor-Advised Funds

Sidney E. Frank Foundation

The Marc Haas Foundation

Jeffrey Kenner and Hyunja Laskin

Victoria and Stephen Morris

Henry and Lucy Moses Fund

National Endowment for the Arts

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

New York State Department of Education

Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Richard Ravitch

John and Elizabeth Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Rotenstreich

Lauren Seikaly and Michael Huber

Joseph A. Wilson

The Winston Foundation


$25,000 – $99,999

Anonymous (3)

James Attwood and Leslie Williams

Thomas S. and Patricia Y. Bain

Tiger Baron Foundation

Raymond E. and Lucille P. Benedetto

James and Frances Berger

Michael Cembalest

Simona and Jerome Chazen

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Collins

Laurel Cutler and Theodore J. Israel

Peter and Katharine Darrow

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Diker

Alisa and Dan Doctoroff

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Christian Johnson Endeavor Foundation

Katherine Farley and Jerry Speyer

Martha J. Fleischman

The Gage Fund

Robert D. Goldfarb

Becky and Mike Goss

The Guilford Fund

Peter and Beth Hammack

The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey

The Hearst Foundations

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Heller

Jane and Gerald Katcher

Pamela P. Kindler

Oliver Kramer

Jay B. Langner

Marilyn & Bob Laurie Foundation

Leir Charitable Foundations

In memory of Dick H. Lewent

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lubman

James S. and Ellen F. Marcus

MetLife Foundation

Mr. Malcolm Mogul and Dr. Harriette Mogul

The Monteforte Foundation

Eleanor and Howard Morgan

Mozilla Foundation

The Fund for New Jersey

The Overbrook Foundation

Theodore Petroulas and Nasim Alikhani

The Pinkerton Foundation

Ellen and Len Polaner

Jonelle Procope and Frederick Terrell

Allie Rogers and Eun Mi Kim

Susan and Elihu Rose Foundation

Ann and Richard Sarnoff

Herb Scannell and Sarah Reetz

Roberta and Irwin Schneiderman

The Selz Foundation

The Spektor Family Foundation

Theodore Stanley

Ernst C. Stiefel Foundation

W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation

The Geraldine Stutz Trust, Inc.

H. Anna Suh and Ross A. Garon

Peter and Cheryl Tague

Epstein Teicher Philanthropies

The Agnes Varis Charitable Trust

Lulu and Anthony Wang

Kathleen and Seymour Weingarten

Beth and Brad Whitman


$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (7)

Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation

Christiane Amanpour and James Rubin

Jean B. and Christopher C. Angell

Robert Arnow

Blair Axel

Bank of America, U.S. Trust

Barker Welfare Foundation

Mr. Kim Bleimann

The Boston Consulting Group

Jenny Brorsen and Rich DeMartini

Barbara and David Caplan

Michelle R. Clayman

Alain Coblence

Colbert Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music

Anne E. Delaney

Eve Dorfzaun

Margot Tweedy Egan and Ellen Shapiro

The Deborah Elkins Foundation

Victor Elmaleh Foundation

Charles and Elaine Engelstein

Enoch Foundation

Alex J. Ettl Foundation

Judi Flom

Friedman Family Foundation

Julian W. and Ronnie B. Friedman

William and Helen Garrison

Andrea and James Gellert

Alexandra Simone George Memorial Fund

Jill and John Gilbert

James Gleick and Cynthia Crossen

Sigrid Gray

Leonard and Jennifer Gruenberg

Mary Rodgers Guettel

Mary W. Harriman Foundation

Meryl Hartzband

HASTAC Digital Media and Learning Competition

Kitty Hawks and Larry Lederman

Glenn Head, Jr.

John A. Herrmann

Kenneth Hirsh

Hunter Douglas

Indira Foundation

Marvin Israelow and Dorian Goldman

Kassel-Backer Family Foundation

The Katzenberger Foundation

Wendy Keys and Donald Pels

Anla Cheng Kingdon and Mark Kingdon

Daney and Lee Klingenstein

Jacques Kohn

David L. and Ginger Komar

The Kovner Foundation

Honey Kurtz

Fernand and Nicole Lamesch

Kim Lemon and Michael Levine

Ruth M. and David A. Levine

Anton Levy

Dottie Litwin-Brief and Donald Brief

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mai

Daniel and Marian Malcolm

Lynn J. and Elizabeth A. Mangum

David M. and Susan M. Marcinek

Joanne and Norman S. Matthews

Mattis Family Foundation

Stephen and Carolyn McCandless

Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation

Constance and H. Roemer McPhee

Josephine Merck

Gillian and Eduardo Mestre

Anne Akiko Meyers

Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Ruth and Harvey R. Miller

Beverly Nadler & Paul S. Nadler Family Charitable Trust

The Narula Foundation and Ajay Narula

John and Wendy Neu Family Foundation

Margaret Neubart Foundation

Nancy and Morris Offit

Richard and Lois Pace

Domencio Paulon Foundation

Pittman Family Foundation

Adam Rechnitz

The Resource Foundation

Rice Family Foundation

Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Frederick P. Rose

Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation

Robert R. and Joan O. Rothberg

The Derald H. Ruttenberg Foundation

Susie Salomon

Josh Sapan, AMC Networks

The Irving & Geraldine Schaffer Foundation

The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund

Rebecca and Peter Shapiro

Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts

The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation

Marilyn and Jim Simons

Sirus Fund

Sam and Ellen Sporn

Statue Foundation

Connie Steensma and Rick Prins

Howard S. & B. Jill Comins Stein

Lynn G. Straus

Arthur G. Sulzberger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tarr

Trinity Real Estate

Neil Westreich

Barrie and Deedee Wigmore

Lesley & Frank Yeary

Amy Yenkin and Robert Usdan

Judy Francis Zankel


$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (9)

Nancy Adelson

The Amphion Foundation, Inc

Terry L. Andreas

Stuart S. Applebaum Giving Foundation

Jody and John Arnhold

Helen-Jean Arthur

Axe-Houghton Foundation

Stephanie and Stephen Axinn

Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust

Henry and Karen Barkhorn

Nan Bases

Holly Tupper Beinhorn

Irma Birnbaum


John and Blair Borthwick

John M. Braden and Claiborne F. Richardson

Charles Brenner and Elise Grebe

The Briar Foundation

Margot Bridger

Barbara and Joseph Bruno

The Sander and Norma K. Buchman Fund

Amanda M. Burden

Mr. and Mrs. Len Cariou

Robin Chemers Neustein


Clinton Family Foundation

Tim and Carol Cole

The Edward T. Cone Foundation

Michael R. and Emilie R. Corey

Laura A. Coruzzi and Robert J. Schneider

Creative Artists Agency

Crosswicks Foundation, Ltd.

Mercedes K. Danevic and Thomas Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Davis

Elizabeth De Cuevas and Strong-Cuevas

Robert De Rothschild

Jeffrey and Jill Degen

Sam and Melody Di Piazza

Charles Dimston

The Dobkin Family Foundation

Doreen Downs Miller

Susan and Thomas Dunn

Susanne Durst

Daniel J. and Edith A. Ehrlich Family Foundation

Fred L. Emerson Foundation

Eric and Linda Rodgers Emory

R.S. Evans & the R.S. Evans Foundation

Anthony and Judy Evnin

Deborah Farrington

William and Jeanmarie K. Fenrich

Elinor Tomback Fine and the Max Solomon Foundation

Barbara G. Fleischman

Fredrica and Michael Ford

H. Peet and Susan K. Foster

Bobbie and Lew Frankfort

Holly Fullam

Amy and Ian Gazard

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gerschel

Richard Gilbert and Elizabeth Gilbert

Mrs. Isabel Gindi and Dr. Michael Gindi

Virginia and Martin Gold

Herman Goldman Foundation

David Gottlieb and Death Or Glory, LLC

Eugene and Emily Grant

Kim and Jeff Greenberg

Grodzins Fund

Geoffrey and Sarah Gund

Amelia M. Hagedorn & The Hagedorn Foundation

Angela and William Haines

Christine and Andrew Hall

Gordana D. Harris

Sebastian Heath and Sarah Burnes

John and Sally Henry

Judith and Joel Herschman

Alexandra and Paul Herzan

Ann and Weston Hicks

Hite Foundation

The Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation

Nancy and Neil Humphreys

Scott Hunter and Joseph A. Fazio

Timothy and Stephanie Ingrassia

Mary and Michael Jaharis

Peter H. and Karen S. Jakes

Carroll and Donna Janis

Stuart M. Johnson

Ruth and Elliot Joseph

Lena and Gilbert Kaplan

Anna-Marie Kellen

Mary Beth Kelly

David G. Knott

Joan Konner

Robert and Randi Kornreich

Alexandra D. Korry

Howard and Nancy Kurz

John Lambros

Patricia Laskawy

Geraldine Laybourne

The Lerer Family Charitable Foundation

Leon Levy Foundation

Eleanor Lewart and Lewart Family Charitable Trust

Amy Liss

Abe Littenberg

Helen Lowenstein

Virginia and Neal Luppescu

Sarah L. Lutz and John van Rens

Janet Mardfin

Carol Marin

Page and Otto Marx Foundation

Maura McDonnnell and Mino Capossela

Linda B. McKean

Jason and Deborah McManus

Sean Mcvity

Eugene and Caroline Mercy

Martin E. Messinger

Susan Miller and Lida Orzeck

Sarah K. Min and Matthew S. Pincus

The Mohn Family Foundation

Paul and Sandra Montrone

Diana Moore

Thomas S. Murphy

Umesh & Shailaja Nagarkatte

Carol Netzer

Newman’s Own Foundation

Joey O’Loughlin

Laura Taft Paulsen and William Paulsen

Clio C. Pavlantos

Marnie S. Pillsbury

John Pirovano

Thomas A. Platt

Susan Porter

Pumpkin Foundation/Joe and Carol Reich

David and Leslie Puth

Susan J. Robbins and Sidney S. Rothberg

Kenneth and Hazel T. Roe Foundation, Inc.

Gillian Rosenfeld

Tina and Paul Rotstein

Arnold Saks

Mrs. Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Phillip and Donna Satow

Linda E. Scher

Marcia Schorr

Elaine and Edmund Schroeder

Axel and Sara Schupf

Silverweed Foundation

Bonnie Ward Simon

Ray and Judy Skorupa

Nicholas A. Stephens and Lisa Kunstadter

David J. and Dianne Stern

Jane and Jim Stern

John and Bonnie Strand

Sir Howard Stringer

William Sussman and Jane Steele

Pam and Larry Tarica

Bertram Teich Foundation

Litsa D. Tsitsera

Sue and Edgar Wachenheim, III

Laura R. Walker and Bert Wells

Rosalind P. Walter

Sue Ann Weinberg

Rosalie C. Weir

David Weller

Whispering Bells Foundation

WJS Foundation, Inc

Lucille Zanghi and James Dow



Anonymous (51)

Edward and June LeBell Alley

Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Alterman

Millard Altman

Gail Ambrose

Joel Aragona and Rhela Moskowitz

David M. Asch

David Ashe

Leon D. Ashner

Rahman and Ali Bacchus

John M. Bacon

Joan D. Baekeland

Thomas S. Bain

David Ballon and Karen Reisler Ballon

Arlene A. Bartlow

Vida and Michael Beaven

Sandy Berger

Daniel Berkson

Linda Bierman

Oscar Bober

Ruth Bowman

Francine Brown

Hope Brown

Richard Bruce and Leslie Aiello

Marion Buhagiar

Dr. James Burke

Mary Butler

Joel T. Camche

The Margarita Camche Charitable Trust

Michele and Jonathan Caplan

David W. Carman

Christine Cauchi

Virginia Chakejian

Persis Charles

Diana Batho Clark

Tony and Sue Ann Converse

Mary M. Cope

William R. Corry

Elizabeth Fallon Culp

Carol and Sarah Dacey-Charles

Peter and Katharine Darrow

Mary Carol Day and Paul Newland

Robert J. Defreitas

Michael DeVries and Christine Stokes

Carol F. Drisko

Linda J. Eckard

Susan Efrus

Audrey Ellinger

Janice Figueroa

Stuart M. Fischman, Esq.

Charlene L. Forest

Arnold C. Franco

Shirley Friedman

Edward F. Gerber

Murray Ginsberg and Flore Botwinick

Bruce Glaser

Edward E. Goldman and Judith A. Riven

Judy A. Gorman

Vera Graaf

Rose M. Greco

Susan Guest

Robert Gundersen

Robin B. Hall

John B. and Diane D. Haney

Diane Hansen

Toehl Harding

The Louise G. Harper Charitable Trust

The Rosetta W. Harris Charitable Lead Trust

Kitty Hawks and Lawrence Lederman

Ronnie Ann Himmel

The Lisina M. Hoch Charitable Lead Trust

Sylvia R. Hoisington

Luba Holtzman

Elizabeth B. Hubbard

Karen Jare

Peter H. Judd

Richard Kagan

Brenda Kamen

Chester F. Kaplan

Edith Kaplan

Marcia Kaplan-Mann

Beatrice Kaufman

Dr. Sivia Kaye

Anne Kelemen

Cynthia Kelman

Margaret Kennedy

Victoria Kimbrough

Mary-Jo Knight

Elinore A. Kochis

Ruth Kram

Laura Kraus

Stuart M. Lane

Terry Last

S. David Laveton

Barbara Lederer

Allegra Levanne

Myra Levy

Harry Lines

Lawrence Loewinger and Julie Gross

Nathan Lorman

Helen Lowenstein

Alvin Lurie

The John E. Luth Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Karen A. Marcason and Chris Hoffman

Janet Mardfin

Jason and Edith Marks

Victor Mason

M. John Matlaw

Alline Mattheson

Harry Matthews

Laura Mausner

Stephen and Carolyn McCandless

Helene McCarty

Ann Davidson Michell

Samuel L. Miller, M.D.

Dennis Moreland

Dorothy Schoeni Neff

Helen Newman

Barry and Maija Nobel

Ruth Nordenbrook

Carol Noymer

Paula Omansky

Steffi Ostroff

Marilyn L. Papayanis, Ph.D.

Diana Pittet

Ellen and Len Polaner

Jane M. Protzman

Paula S. Rackow

William R. Reader, in memory of Lester Bowman

Madeleine P. Richard

Ethel Romm

The Ruth and Samuel Rosenwasser Charitable Trust

Norma Rossi

Joram Salig and Tony Clark

Michael L. Samuels

Kathleen Sasso

Julie Saul

Sonia Ariane Schlomy

Roberta Schneiderman

Drs. Martin F. and Judith S. Schwartz

Gisela Selo

Caroline Shapiro and Peter F. Frey

Judith R. Shapiro

Joan Shaw

James J. Shields

Robert Sholiton

Marjorie Singer and Edward Joseph

Richard Somma

The Charles Spear Charitable Trust

Hoyt and Margot Spelman

Ellen and Sam Sporn

The Abby Kissell Star Charitable Trust

Peter and Michele Stein

Carol Steinberg

Phyllis K. Steiner, Ph.D.

PaulaMarie Susi

Vinton Thompson and Ruth Moscovitch

Leonore Tiefer

Carol Kehr Tittle

Miriam W. Turkel

Dina Vaz

John Vinton

Laura R. Walker

Diane Hardy Waller

Ava Warner

Lynn Weinberg

Carrie Weinblatt

Lucille Werlinich

Sheree West

Melissa C. Williams

Roger Witherspoon and Marilyn Elie

Elaine K. Yale

Daniel Yasilove


We honor the following Listeners Legacy Circle members whom we lost this past year, and extend our sympathy and heartfelt thanks to their loved ones for the legacies they created on behalf of New York Public Radio.

Sharon L. Baver
Vicki Cowen
Morris Schupack


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation: Over the years, support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has helped WNYC produce outstanding programming that advances the public’s understanding of science, technology, and economics. Radiolab, Studio 360 and The Takeaway have all benefited from the foundation’s commitment to supporting and nurturing new ideas, approaches, and public service programming. Sloan’s most recent support, for WNYC’s burgeoning health reporting unit, will help build the staff and capacity to deliver high-impact news and information about health, health policy and the delivery of healthcare in the metropolitan region.

The Charles H. Revson Foundation: In Fiscal Year 2014, the Charles H. Revson Foundation renewed its support of WNYC’s local journalism with a $750,000 grant. Illustrating Revson’s deep commitment to the welfare of all New Yorkers, this grant will support WNYC’s ability to deliver strong local news using data news and audience engagement as a way to shed light on inequality and to tell the untold stories. This grant will keep WNYC news on the leading edge and advance important work that was initiated with the support of a Revson grant of $1 million in 2010 for the digital transformation of the newsroom.


Corporate Supporter Spotlight: Lincoln Motor Company

This past year, Lincoln Motor Company was New York Public Radio’s largest underwriter, and the signature sponsor of the history-making series August Wilson’s American Century Cycle at The Greene Space. Lincoln’s brand ambassadors brought the 2013 MKZ to The Greene Space to share the red carpet with such celebrated performers as Phylicia Rashad and Michele Shay. Lincoln was also recognized in a wide variety of WNYC and WQXR platforms including podcasts, streams and email newsletters for its support for programs such as On The Media, The Brian Lehrer Show and The Leonard Lopate Show.

New York Public Radio gratefully acknowledges the top 50 underwriters whose support made its unique programming and offerings possible in Fiscal Year 2014.

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
Air France
Book of Mormon
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Capital One Bank
Carnegie Hall
CBS Films
Charles P. Rogers & Company
Citrix GoToMeeting
Columbia University
Cooper Union
Corinthian Media
Cornell Johnson School of Management
Emirates Air
Glenmede Trust

Harvard Business School
Lincoln Center Performing Arts
Lincoln Motor Company
LV Wood Floors
McGraw Hill Financial
Montefiore Medical Center
New York City Ballet
New York City Comptroller’s Office
New York Philharmonic
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Next Issue Media
Paramount Pictures
Penguin Group

ProCure Proton Therapy Centers
Rocket Fuel
Rutgers University
Silver Hill Hospital
Sony Pictures Classics
Stevens Institute of Technology
Sy Syms Foundation
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The New School
The New York Community Trust
Twentieth Century Fox
Vital Projects Fund